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 Kevin Nash Speaks On Hogan, Kurt, HBK, And NWO VS MEM

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Kevin Nash Speaks On Hogan, Kurt, HBK, And NWO VS MEM Empty
PostSubject: Kevin Nash Speaks On Hogan, Kurt, HBK, And NWO VS MEM   Kevin Nash Speaks On Hogan, Kurt, HBK, And NWO VS MEM I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 13, 2009 12:34 pm

Kevin Nash recently appeared on the MondayNightMayhem.com radio show to promote this Sunday’s TNA Hard Justive PPV. The following are some highlights from the interview:

When asked about Hulk Hogan possibly returning: "As much as people want us to quit, and say that we've had enough, and ‘why don't you walk away‘, until you've walked on that stage, actually when you stand behind that curtain & that first note of your music plays, and the crowd pops, there's not a drug on the planet that's as strong as that....You can't find that anywhere else. For me, I like money. People ask me when I'm gonna stop, and I say this, if you stood in front of an ATM machine, and it was spitting out 20 dollar bills, when would you walk away? I think you would walk away when it stops spiting out 20 dollar bills."

On Kurt Angle: "When you sit in a locker room with a guy like Kurt Angle every night that's as beat up as you are, goes 150%, never complains, that sets the bar night in & night out the way that he does, he's our team captain, and he motivates me. I see the passion in him, and I said 'I remember when I was driven like that,' and I'm like why am I not anymore. I give the credit to Kurt." Kevin added that the acquisition of Kurt Angle was indeed "the biggest thing in TNA."

On Shawn Michaels: "The thing about Shawn is that I've always compared him to Michael Jordan. I've never seen a guy take time off, come back, & put a superkick a 16th of a inch from a guy's chin with tight Levi's on. It's amazing...He never loses his timing, but the thing with Shawn (like most guys when they get older), he got smarter. His matches are smarter, his psychology is smarter, his selling is so much more believable. Shawn has the ability to turn gears. When Shawn Michaels starts making that comeback & starts throwing punches, I don't care what you say about the guy, that guy can fight you." And why he thinks there is still a market for a Hogan in-ring return: "I watched Hogan steal 'Mania with The Rock. I watched him steal Mania with Vince. It's not always high spots. I learned so much from Hulk about nuisances of the over sell like someone is behind you, the overly slow turn when you are heel. There were so many things that I learned from him on a business standpoint as well. Hulk is Hulk. If Hulk wants to come back, people will pay to see Hulk drop his leg."

Differences between the Main Event Mafia and the n.W.o.: "One of the perquisites was you had to be World Champion. If you weren't a World Champion, you couldn't be in The Mafia. So that kinda made it an exclusive group on its own. All of a sudden, you don't have Horace [Hogan], because he's Hogan's kid, brother, uncle...whatever he was. For a while there in the NWO, it was 'how we gonna get him over?' Well hell, let's put a 'black & white' T-Shirt on him."
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Kevin Nash Speaks On Hogan, Kurt, HBK, And NWO VS MEM
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